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Kia ora from Beaks & Feathers

Ulva Island & Stewart Island, NZ
Guided Walks & Kiwi Spotting

Let our Stewart Island local, experienced and knowledgeable guides show you some of the most diverse and beautiful places in New Zealand.

Be entranced by abundant and colourful birdlife and the impressive primeval podocarp forest of predator free Ulva Island (Te Wharawhara). Come and spy the Southern Brown Kiwi – we have exclusive access to where the kiwi comes out to forage under the cover of darkness. Be taken in with the old charm of Stewart Island and its surrounding area, you will leave here knowing that you have experienced something truly amazing.


Beaks & Feathers Guides

Ulva Island Guided Walk

Join one of Beaks & Feather’s experienced local guides on a highly engaging 3.5 hour guided walk around the amazing predator free Ulva Island. With abundance of native, rare and endangered birdlife, bringing the primeval podocarp forest alive with bird song.

DURATION: 3.5hrs
DEPART: 8.45am and 1pm
PRICE: From $155 pp ($90 12 & under). Includes water taxi.
SMALL GROUPS: 2 – 8 people

Ulva by Land & Sea Guided Tour

This tour includes a 1 hour scenic tour in a comfortable water taxi to experience the sea birds and marine life surrounding Ulva Island before being dropped off for a 2.5 hour guided walk on predator free Ulva Island, where the forest comes alive with bird song.

DURATION: 2.5hrs guided walk, 1hr circumnavigating Ulva Island by water taxi (weather dependent)
DEPART: 8am* (departure time can be changed to suit)
PRICE: From $265pp ($150 12 & under). Includes water taxi.
SMALL GROUPS: 2 – 8 people
*Departure time may vary – dependent on water taxi.

NOTE: Due to water taxi availability, please call or email us to book this tour.

Call us on 027 316 3077 or email us now.

Kiwi Spotting

Come and spy one of New Zealand’s absolute treasures in its natural habitat, the Southern Brown Kiwi. Beaks & Feathers have exclusive access to private land where the kiwi comes out to forage under the cover of darkness.

“Unforgettable kiwi experience”, “Could not be better”, “Absolutely awesome”, “Wonderful kiwi encounter”

TIMES: Tours leave approximately 30 minutes after dark so times vary during the year. Weather dependent.
DURATION: 1.5 hours approx
PRICE: From $125 pp ($80 12 & under).
SMALL GROUPS: 2 – 9 people

Port William / Maori Beach Guided Hike

One of the most popular coastal and native bush half day hikes on Stewart Island. Where you will water taxi to Port William before disembarking and hiking to Maori beach. A site where early Maori settled and later became a saw milling community in the early 1900s. Then you get to explore Lee Bay via Little River, a stunning tidal river mouth, overhanging with Rata trees.

DURATION: 4-5hrs (includes water taxi)
PRICE: From $260 per person (2 person minimum); $130 (12 years old & under). Price includes water taxi.
SMALL GROUPS: 2 – 8 people

Call us on 027 316 3077 or email us now.

Ulva Island Photography Tour

On Ulva Island explore the tracks, while taking time and stopping often to sit and watch for birds. Learn how to approach each encounter and what the challenges are. Taking these opportunities to learn what camera settings, body position etc, will give you the best shot.

DURATION: Full day (times confirmed at booking)
PRICE: 1-2 Adults $1050
SMALL GROUPS: Limited to 2 persons per trip

Interest in an EXCLUSIVE tour?

Enjoy an exclusive tour where it is just the two of you or maybe an adventure with only your friends and family. Whether your want to explore Ulva Island, Ulva by Land & Sea, Port William/Maori Beach, go Kiwi Spotting or one of the many other great walks around Stewart Island, you will be looked after by our knowledgeable and experienced local guides.

Call us on 027 316 3077 or email us now.

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