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For the love of Fungi

Everyone surely loves Fungi and once Autumn comes along, overnight fungi literally starts to pop up all over the show in the bush of Rakiura – Stewart Island and Ulva Island.

Some of the stars on Rakiura - Stewart Island and Ulva Island

There are many many types of fungi growing on Ulva Island. Below are just a very few that you don’t actually have to look for. They are just there waiting to be discovered.

There’s the Puffballs growing in clusters on the side of the track enticing you to pat them to see the spores puff out of the wee hole in the top.

Bracket fungus growing out off dead trees like a series of woody shelves.

And then there are…

The Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria)

This toxic red toadstool with white dots is a favourite of fairy tales. You can find them growing in the Post Master’s garden around the introduced pines on Ulva Island.

The Fairy Inkcap

The Fairy Inkcap cluster together on a rotting log like an army of troops waiting for battle.

And the Entoloma Hoshstetter

Entoloma along with the Fairy Incaps are my personal favourite. If you manage to get yourself on a $50 note you have to be doing something right. Entoloma prefers to be sheilded from the sun and cradled amongst lush beds of moss – only the best for Entoloma. Their sky blue colour is not a colour you often see in nature adding to its awesomeness. (Pictured also at the top, showcasing their brilliant blue colour.)

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