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I’m loving the Rakiura Balms I got from Stewart Island, the Kawakawa is my first aid kit, I use it on my face after a day out in the sun and wind, also on scratches, bites etc. I’ve got the Calandula for my eczema which stops it itching and heals the dry cracked skin,  the Repel and Soothe I keep in my day pack to keep away the bugs and the lip balm is great I wear that all day everyday. The best thing about Rakiura balms is that I don’t have to worry about any chemicals or toxic ingredients. I can just keep putting it on without a worry at all.

This is a great balm (Sports Balm) for those painful bumps and bruises. It’s all natural too which I like.

It really works for me! Post run or after a hard day in the garden, the sports balm is my go to.

A little goes a long way, and it works a great on repelling sandflies and mosquitoes.

Repel and Soothe really does work. It needs to be reapplied every few hours, and is not greasy. I like the fact it is a totally natural product and has no nasty chemicals in it.

I was surprised how long a small tub lasts, and how little you need to apply for it to keep the bugs away. Smells great too.

Great product for chapped lips, love the peppermint flavoured one.

Fragrant and stays on for a while, a great lip moisturiser.

Calendula Balm cleared up psoriasis on my knees and ankles after years of trying other treatments. I’m sold on this Balm.

I was using Calendula Balm on corns on my toes, these have all but gone, so thought I would apply it to dry spots on my face and it worked on those too. I love this product.

Being a fisherman I am prone to salt water boils, Calendula Balm clears these up really quick.

I applied Calendula Balm to warts on my hand several times a day and after a few days the warts started shrinking and then totally disappeared!

I applied Calendula Balm to my chin and forehead which was badly affected with acne.  After one day the acne had dried out and did not take long after that to clear up totally, without any scarring.

I applied Kawakawa Balm several times a day to a burn on my arm. It took the pain away and dried up the blister before it slowly flaked off without causing scarring.

Kawakawa balm cleared up an unknown rash I had, smells great too.

For severe eczema this balm works miracles! I will not use any thing else.  It is not oily and dries quickly without drying my skin out. Its an absolute miracle worker!

During my lazer tattoo removal I suffered severe burns and blisters. After a day of using Kawakawa Balm the blisters were smaller in size and my skin was no longer red and irritated. The balm dried out the blisters without my skin flaking and peeling off.

First I like the design, simple and eye catching. I have been using the peppermint balm. The texture is very smooth making it easy to apply, it spreads nicely on the lips and leaves lips so silky smooth. Nice pocket size and I absolutely love it.

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